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  1. Nasan ka na nga ba?

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    25/10/2016 by anrose1017

    Hanggang kelan paba mghihintay ng pusong sadyang nasasaktan sa bawat oras na maiisip ang dahilang wala kaparin sa ‘king piling …
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  2. Protect Your Self-Esteem! (2 min read)

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    28/09/2016 by anrose1017

    Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Nina MedinaFounder & Owner of: The Happy Life 101Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author, Successful Living …
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  3. The irony of Life

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    21/09/2016 by anrose1017

    Does it have to be this way?  

  4. Words of the day


    19/09/2016 by anrose1017

    Life has a thousand ways to annoy you, You might as well ignore it…

  5. Word of the day

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    13/09/2016 by anrose1017

    Keep Moving Forward

  6. Newbie :)

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    29/07/2016 by anrose1017

    Good day to all! This will be my first time to write in WordPress. I hope to have a great …
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