Clouds off my head

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23/03/2017 by anrose1017

Getting tired of wishful thinking
about life that gives a different meaning
when you want to listen to your heart and soul
reality doesnt want what it has been told

you have to surrender though it will be hard
or hold it firmly and yourself be on guard
for the one thing that makes everything fine
but the world surrounding you is not that kind

FATE, is like waiting for miracle to happen
TRIAL, is like a very sad life with no end
DESTINY, is like hoping for the impossible
CHANGE, is like the one and only constant

Closed doors without open windows
There’s nothing to choose but accept defeat
Thinking loudly yet my mouth zipped
This is how my mind work bit by bit

A lot of confusions make me numb
making choices is not easily done
May I seek help from a helping hand
please take this black clouds off my head


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