Daydream for free

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28/01/2017 by anrose1017

What a magical moment there is,
funny antics, huge crowds and hall of famers.
As I step in front of the audience,
sweet smiles and cheers are seen and heard.

Actions by actions, their eyes followed me
others wants me to screw up, while others envy me
But they cannot control me, it’s my dream not reality
Once been casts, never to be dismissed.

As I hope of something that would happen
It actually does! but I’m the only one who knows it
Though eventually I knew it will come,
my fate in a dreamers hand will soon be done.

Altering the minds of people’s cruelty
I somehow manage to escape and break free
for a single moment of my life I became happy
Alas! I found myself without any costs of penny.


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