Moving On

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03/09/2016 by anrose1017


Some of us don’t like pleasing people,
yet somehow still end up pleasing them
For there are times we feel humiliated
and we don’t want to be hurt by them again.

Sometimes I miss being at my younger age
when most people tend to like you instead of rage
I long for those years eversince its gone
the way I want it has been left undone.

Now that I’m facing the cruel reality
that words “move on” sometimes irritates me
for I know I have to start all over again
even if I already know how its going to end.

I pray and pray and pray once more
that my heart wouldn’t felt a thing no more
still I thank The Holy Ones for all of thee
and that somehow I survived without a broken knee

Tommorrow is another day yeah its surely does
another day to experience whatever it was
My undying hopes of faith again comes to rise
that I’m not going to experience a yesterday likewise

For a thing or two I would like to say
that life itself was not always a happy day
But always be thankful for youre still here
someday, somehow it’ll be worth all the tears.


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